Project Member Resources

Communication is a crucial element of our international collaboration. We use many different communication tools to plan experiments, share data, and communicate on many issues. Our monthly project meetings are held via Skype. Documents such as meeting minutes and reports are written collaboratively using Google Docs.

Useful links for our project members

  • How to use Google Docs
    • Go to
    • Login using your gmail address and password
    • Click on "Documents". You should see a list of documents that you wrote, or that other people wrote and shared with you.
    • Click on the document you want to view and edit.
  • How to use Skype for free conference calls,
    • Download the free Skype software from, click on Get Skype
    • Sign up for a free Skype account -- pick a Skype name
    • Send out contact requests to people you want to talk to, and approve contact requests that other people send to you
    • You can now call from your computer to another computer for free, or to a cell phone or land line inexpensively
  • Our confidential reports, data, and other documents and videos are posted on Smartsite. Only people with a UC Davis login or temporary affiliates can access the Smartsite. Here are links to our Smartsite and Instructions how to use Smartsite
  • Eluminate is a video communication tool available to members of our project who have the login and password. Advantages over Skype include ability to videotape meetings, and security features. Here's the link to Eluminate and instructions on how to use Eluminate.
  • How to sign up as a UC Davis Temporary Affiliate
  • How Temporary Acciliates can access UC library resources such as scientific publications