AP4: Conservation Education and Outreach

The AP4 team is comprised of scientists at the Ministry of Forestry, Forest Research and Development Agency (FORDA) and LIPI Biology.

Goals of AP4:

  • Publicize project goals to local stakeholders
  • Educate local stakeholders on the importance of preserving their biodiversity resources


Major Accomplishments:

  • The AP4 team performed a Training Needs assessment in the Southeast Sulawesi area.
  • The AP4 team presented a seminar in Lasusua, Sulawesi in November 2011, attended by 60 local stakeholders.
  • The AP4 team conducted a workshop in May 2012 that was attended by 88 participants consisting of representation from directorates inside the Ministry of Forestry; Ministry of Environment; BAPPENAS (National Development Planning Agency); FORDA; LIPI, ITB, Bogor Agricultural University, BAPPEDA Sulawesi Tenggara Province (South Sulawesi Province Development Planning Agency); and Non Governmental Organizations (World Wildlife Fund; Wildlife Conservation Society; The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Burung Indonesia; Kehati).  Photos of this meeting can be viewed on the results page.