AP3: Separation and Structure Elucidation of Lead Compounds

Lead compounds from promising extracts are being fractionated and identified using bioassay-guided fractionation.

Labortary of Professor Phil Crews

In the laboratory of Phil Crews at UC Santa Cruz, lead compounds are being identified using bioassay guided fractionation. Microbe and plant extracts (1) are being prepared in Indonesia at LIPI Biology (Cibinong) and LIPI Chemistry (Serpong) and used to create crude extract libraries for evaluations in (2) high throughput bioassays. Bioactive extracts are then (3) fractionated using automated LCMS-UV-ELSD into 96 well plates and are then rescreened in the high-throughput assays to identify lead compounds (based on m/z ions).  Final processing of active extracts (4) involves automated scale up HPLC to purify more of the lead compound(s) for dereplication and or structure elucidation using HRMS, 1-D and 2-D NMR.